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Well, this Sunday is my first Mother’s Day with my sweet girl and she will be 5 months old. So, it will be an extra special day and it has me a little emotional. I can’t believe how much life has changed since she came in and turned it upside down, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, in honor of Mother’s Day and my special girl, I wrote her a little poem, the first of many I’ll write her throughout her life. I’d like to share it with all of my moms out there, feel free to reblog! 🙂

First, a little update on my booger. She is a yelling, singing, giggling, talking baby! We are over the collic and have reflux under control and she is a totally new baby lol. She is sleeping through the night. She is rolling over both ways. She is SO close to sitting up and of course, to her Mommy and Daddy, she is the cutest baby in the entire world and we couldn’t be any more proud!!

Being Your Mom:  

Being your mom is so special to me,
There’s nothing in this world that I would rather be.
I know that you are the reason that I’m here,
You are worth every struggle, every worry and every fear!
When I see you smile, it always melts my heart.
You bring so much brightness, even when the world feels dark.
Your pure love brought calm to my crazy,
And no matter where you go in this life, you’ll always be my baby.
I hope to give you a life full of wonderful memories,
And the peace of knowing that I’m never far if and when you need me.
I pray you grow up to have all of your dreams come true,
And that you never ever question our unconditional love for you!
Nothing will ever be as important as being your mom,
And even when it gets hard, I promise to stay strong!
I promise to always guide you, love you and keep you safe.
You will always be my little girl and I’ll always be your happy place!

Written By: M.L.