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It just dawned on me that through this whole experience with my ankle, I’ve only said thank you to and acknowledged the doctors and surgeons that helped me that awful day, but never the others that also helped SO much along the way.

First a HUGE thank you to all EMTS, but especially the two that responded to our car accident that morning. As soon as the wreck happened and I felt and saw what my ankle was like, my world turned upside down and I went into a panic and shock! It felt like forever, but in reality they arrived pretty quick. Despite their rush, I was hysterical by the time they reached me. I was NO HELP at all to them while they were trying to get me out of the car and into the ambulance. All I could do was cry and scream out of excruciating pain and fear, yet they never got frustrated with me. They worked quickly and without my help and before I knew it, they had me inside the ambulance! They began cutting off my shoe and splinting my injured leg/ankle/foot as best they could, with me screaming at them for touching it and hurting me more, but they did what HAD to be done. My veins are VERY small and neither of them could get an I.V. started, but they didn’t give up, they used the strongest meds they could that were not through an I.V. and tried to help me keep my injury as stable as possible on the bumpy ride! The most amazing part of it all was that they were so calm. I was in shock and asking the same questions over and over again and they answered me every single time. I wanted to go to the closest hospital, but the closest hospital was not the best choice, so they thought ahead for me and got me to a hospital that was prepared for my type of injury! Their job is to keep me stable and alive until they get me to a hospital, yet they went above and beyond their job description to comfort me, try and calm me and they did their best to make me feel as safe as possible in the middle of my panic and for that, I’ll always be so thankful!

Next, I want to thank all of the nurses that helped take care of me along the way. I’m going to start with a very special nurse. I wish I knew her name, but I never got it. She happened to be driving in to work that morning and watched our car accident happen. She rushed over to our car and jumped into action! She made sure that 911 had been called, made sure that it was safe enough to leave me in my seat and she took care of me until the paramedics could get there. She told me that she was a nurse and I asked her to stay with me, so she did! She held my ankle for me and made sure that it was stable because I was in to much of a panic to hold still by myself. She made sure that I wasn’t injured anywhere else and tried her best to answer all of the questions that I yelled out in pain. She let me squeeze her hand so hard that I’m sure she was in pain too, but she continued to help me slow my breathing. She assured me that everything would be fine. She said that the surgeons would fix it and that I would be back up before I knew it! If it wasn’t for her, I probably would have hurt my ankle even more because I wasn’t thinking clear enough to keep it stable and elevated. I would’ve passed out from the pain and fear if she wouldn’t of taken the time to reassure me and talk me through the pain. I believe that God put her in our path that morning because He knew that I would need her. She later told my hubby that she usually doesn’t drive that way to work, but decided to that morning very last minute! I am so thankful for her and her help. I thank God that she stopped to stay with me even though she was late for work already!

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to the nurses that were there during my 4 days in the hospital! I was terrified, I was angry, I was sad, I was in more pain than you can imagine and many other emotions, which didn’t make me a very good patient! I was difficult and a handful, I’m sure. I needed a lot of time and attention from the nurses and they didn’t hesitate to give me that! They did everything they could to ease my pain and make me comfortable. They never let me see that they were frustrated. They always stayed calm while I was freaking out and always tried to get whatever it was that I was asking for at the time. I’m sure they hated coming to my room, but they didn’t let me give up. They were all so understanding and compassionate! It takes a lot to be a nurse and I now have a whole new level of respect for them because they did an amazing job the entire time I was there!! They deserve more praise and recognition for what they do every day!! So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you do!!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend