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Let me give you something to think about. Have you ever seen the TV show called “Switched At Birth”? I came across it the other day, flipping through channels. If you haven’t seen it, that’s okay, you won’t be missing out on anything.

Let’s say you give birth to a beautiful baby girl. You were in labor for so long that once it’s over, you are so happy that your baby is finally here, but your exhausted. You hold them for the first time and fall in love with their little face. The nurse comes to take the baby to the nursery a few minutes later. They need to clean baby up and make sure everything looks healthy. You decide to catch a little nap while you wait.

While your sleeping, a nurse is alone with your baby and a few others. She has been working double shifts because the hospital is short staffed. She’s exhausted too. She realizes that your child’s, along with two others, have lost their bracelets that have their name and information on it. She is so tired and she doesn’t know what else to do, so she guesses. One of the other babies happens to be the same sex as your baby and the nurse has given them the wrong bracelets back.

A little while later, a nurse brings you your baby back. You’re so overfilled with so many emotions that you don’t realize anything different. That’s a very emotional and hectic time after all!

Let’s jump ahead 14 years. Your child comes down with an illness or an injury and they need a blood transfusion. After testing, they find out that neither of you, their parents, are a match. They later find out that neither of you are biologically related to this 14 year old kid that you have raised, loved and called yours for all these years.

After searching back to the time you gave birth, you find that there was only one other baby of the same sex born that day. You realize that your baby was switched somehow at birth!

What do you do?? Do you tell the child that you’ve been raising that you are NOT their parents? Do you track down your child and the other family? Would you go to court to try and have the teens switched back, even though you’ve raised the wrong one for 14 years?

What in the world do you think you would do? Would you even want to face the facts or just keep living a lie?

Would you rip away both teens from the only lives they have known, just to satisfy your own wants and needs?

On this show, one teen lives the perfect life, with two happily married parents, an older brother, a wealthy lifestyle and anything she could ever want at her fingertips, but while the rest of “her” perfect little family has blond hair and blue eyes, she has dark curls and dark brown eyes. The other teen lives in a not-so-great neighborhood, in a little two bedroom apartment with her single mother who struggles to hold a job and is not in contact with the girl’s “father”.

Once they figure out that they were switched at birth, not exactly sure how they did that, they prove it to their parents and as the storyline goes on throughout the series, they decide to all make a plan together and see how it goes. So, the single mother and the teen she raised move into the other family’s guesthouse, so that they can all be close together and both mothers can still mother the teen they have raised and get to know and mother their biological child that they’ve just found out about!

Let me just say, whoever came up with the storyline did a great job and really got me thinking! Of course, in this day and age something like this would probably never happen, but it does get you thinking! I don’t know what in the world I would do if I was in a situation like that! Can you even imagine what would run through your mind??

I just found it to be an interesting subject to write a “What If” post about. I haven’t watched the show since, but if you’re interested it comes on ABC Family on Monday nights. I believe Netflix has the full seasons up to this point, if you’d like to start from the beginning, otherwise it’s just something crazy to try and imagine!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend