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Let me just say that trying to clean house, while in a cast and rolling around on a knee scooter, is one hard task! But, I did pretty good considering Lol. SO ready for my next appointment Thursday to see when I’ll be able to try walking again, I feel like it has been SO looonnnngggg! Keep me in your prayers that I’ll be back at it soon please!
#OverIt #HateThisCast #JustWantToWalk

I hope that the x rays that I’ll have done Thursday will show that my bones are healed and strong enough to at least ATTEMPT walking. I know learning to walk on it again is going to be a long, hard, frustrating and exhausting task, but I think I’m up for the challenge because I absolutely do NOT want to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life because I wasn’t strong enough to fight!

I know people go through way worse injuries and relearn way harder things than me every single day, knowing that gives me hope and courage!

It’s all up to the doctor to give me the “okay” to try though. Hopefully I’ll be starting physical therapy and up before I know it and if it takes longer than I expect, that’s okay too. I’ve been through a lot of hard times in life and maybe all of that was God’s way of preparing me and making me strong enough to do this!

If you’ve never experienced something like this, then you’re probably thinking, “What’s the big deal?”, right? Well, the big deal is that I haven’t used any muscles, nerves or tendons in my foot, ankle or leg in almost 3 months. I did so much damage to myself in the car accident that they had to try and reconnect all of the very complicated muscles, nerves and tendons from the tips of my toes to right below my knee. That means that I don’t really have any “muscle memory” and I’m going to be like a baby learning to walk.

Even though my brain knows what it’s supposed to do, the injured parts do not. My brain will still send out the same signals when I try to move my toes, ankle, leg or try to walk or lift my foot, but it will take a while for the injured areas to relearn what the brain is trying to make it do!

On top of all of that, it is going to feel like reinjuring the injury, so I will start all over with the horrible pain and swelling!

So send some positive thoughts my way!

I’ll update after my appointment!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend