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No woman deserves to be put down day after day. No woman deserves to be called nasty, horrible names. No woman deserves to be broken down day after day.

When a woman loves, she loves with all that she is and all that she has. She gives the man she loves everything, every part of who she is, all of her love, and all the power to crush her!

I don’t understand why a man would want to put down and break a woman who is willing to love him unconditionally. Does it bring him pleasure and joy to see her broken and crying? Does it make him happy to know that he has taken all of the power away from this once STRONG woman? Does he not appreciate her energy, her commitment, her love? What is it that makes a man treat a woman this way?

This woman thought he was the ONE. The perfect man for her. That man that she would spend the rest of her life with, making memories, being happily in love with.

Sometimes days go by and everything is going great and she feels so loved and happy and safe. Then the smallest thing sets him off. He throws something at her and talks to her like she’s a piece of trash laying in the street. He thinks this is okay. That this is something normal, no big deal and she should just let it go and get over it.

But she can’t! Because each time he does this, she fears him a little more, loses another piece of herself, breaks a little more. She becomes less of the woman she was, the woman she was meant to be. 

What makes her stay? What makes him think it’s okay?

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend