Well, I went for a check up today. The doctor decided it was time for a new cast after having my other one on for 4 weeks. So, he had to cut the other one off.

I must say that when he turned on the little cast saw, I got pretty nervous! It looks like a real mini saw! And it’s as loud as one too. As he began cutting the cast, he could tell I was freaking out a little Lol. He stopped and showed me how it works. It doesn’t actually “cut”, he ran it down his hand and it didn’t even scratch him. It only vibrates. When held against the cast, it slices through with the fast vibration. It actually tickled a little.

I got to see how all of the bruising was going away. The swelling was pretty much gone. It was just a lot of dead black skin and regular colored dead skin and lots of dry skin!

Then came the x rays. I was interested in seeing what it all looked like and where everything was placed. I was surprised to see that most of the screws were in my shin instead of my ankle.
Apparently, my ankle was completely shattered and dislocated from the lower part of my shin, which was also shattered.

So, I thought I would share the x rays with you! It’s crazy to think about all of that metal in my little leg and to think that only the metal is holding my ankle to my shin and both together right now!



And it all started with this!


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