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I wanted to write a little more on the topic of trying to wash your hair while in a leg cast. Of course, it is a VERY difficult task because your cast can not get wet.

So, most likely you are trying to hold yourself up and wash, which takes both hands and trust me when I say that trying to wash your hair alone, with one hand, is almost impossible and definitely not safe!

My best advice I can give you, after a little over a month in my cast, with two more to go, is this:

1. Wash your hair as least often as you can! Find hair styles that help keep your hair from becoming tangled in between washes. Such as, braids or a tight bun.
You can do one big braid


Multiple smaller braids


Or a tight bun similar to this


Whatever you feel will work best for you! I have done multiple smaller braids and the tight bun! It will also help if you put some leave-in conditioner in your hair before styling it. That way you can wait a week or so before having to wash it again, but it will still be somewhat clean and WAY easier to wash when the time comes!

2. Have someone help you wash your hair. Your spouse/significant other, a family member or friend. If you don’t feel comfortable being undressed in front of this person, leave your clothes on. They will most likely get wet, but you can change afterwards. If you choose to do this. Wear something big enough that can be removed while your cast is still covered, or something old that can just be cut off so that it doesn’t need to be pulled off over your cast!

3.Depending on which side your cast is on, you may find an easier or more comfortable way to do this, but I will share the best way I have found so far!

I have whoever is helping me, help me sit down onto the edge of the bathtub and then lower myself down into the tub.

I leave my legs outside of the tub COMPLETELY. I leave my uninjured leg dangling over the side of the tub, while I prop my injured leg up onto a STABLE chair. Make sure whatever you prop your injured leg up on, will not move. You do not want it to move and your leg to fall!

You still need to cover your leg with whatever method you have chosen to use. I cover mine with a trash bag and then wrap a towel around it, just to be safe because water may splash out and onto your legs. But, there are also “cast covers” out there that you can buy online or at your local health store. Like these.. But, a trash bag and tape work just as well and are way cheaper! 😉


I then lean my head back, as far as I can, holding myself up with my arms behind me.

Whoever is helping me can then wash my hair fairly easily. But, I have a detachable shower head, so it makes it a MUCH easier task because the shower head can reach down to my level!

This method could also be used if you could lean back far enough to put your hair under the faucet OR the person helping you can use a cup/pitcher of some kind to wet and rinse your hair! 

I really hope this helps! I know I could have used some tips and ideas! 🙂

I hope for your sake that you will not be stuck in a cast as long as I will be!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend