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This is for women AND men! I’d love to hear opinions from both!

So, first let’s just be realistic. Everybody seems to lie about the number of sex partners they have had. Do you know why they lie? Because society has made having sex with multiple partners, at the same time or not, a negative thing. When in reality, almost everyone in this day and age has had more than one sex partner!

My personal opinion is this.. First, there’s a double standard when it comes to men vs women. Men congratulate, reward and/or encourage each other to have multiple sex partners. If a man tells his buddies that he has slept with 100 women, that’s a good thing and isn’t frowned upon. Now, if a woman were to say that she had slept with 100 men, she would be called MANY nasty names and it would most definitely be a negative thing. Why?

I have personally witnessed an old friend lie to her husband about how many men she has had sex with in her life. She is now an adult and has been married for about 4 years, but we were friends back when we were teenagers and going through our “wild child” phase, so I know first hand that she had quite a few different sex partners back then. My opinion is, WHO CARES?? She was young, curious and exploring life and her sexuality! What is wrong with that? It’s human nature to explore.

So why do women feel the need to lie? Why do men condemn women for doing things that they themselves do? Why do women put each other down for it??

Sex is a natural part of life. Everyone does it. Just how you want to find a significant other that you are compatible with on an intellectual level, an emotional level, a religious/spiritual level and someone who wants all of the things in life that you want, you also want someone who is compatible with you in the bedroom! I mean, let’s just be honest!

My question to both men and women reading this is, if you found someone who was everything that you wanted, but had a past full of previous sex partners, would that turn you away? Is it a turn off? Are you condemning them for something you have done yourself?

I would just really like to better understand the thinking behind it all!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend