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For those who have not been following my story, I’ll give you the short version.

One month ago, my hubby and I were on our way to his work at about 7:30 am. The sun was out so bright that it was blinding. About 10 minutes from our home, we are driving about 48mph on a 45mph road. It is a straight shot road, no stops, no turns.

I see a truck up ahead of us just PARKED in the middle of the road. No turn signal, no break lights, no flashers! My husband never saw him because of how bright the sun was. I yelled at my hubby to stop because there was a truck STOPPED up ahead. My hubby slammed on the breaks, but it was too late.

We smashed into the back of this truck. HARD! My hubby broke his kneecap, the car was totaled and I broke every bone in my ankle. My foot looked like it was coming out of the side of my leg instead of the bottom! The bones were almost puncturing my skin.

I had surgery to repair it. Now have 19 screws and 2 metal plates holding my ankle together and will be in a cast for 3 months. May never walk again!

Guess what we are doing at 7 in the morning tomorrow? Going to court for this wreck. We have to go to court even though it’s hell getting me out of the house and my hubby can barely walk. We do not have a car and neither of us can drive. Our court system doesn’t care. If we don’t show up, warrants will be issued for our arrest.

This really blows my mind! I never really witnessed first hand how screwed up our court system is. But, I see it now!

On top of that, we have heard back from our insurance company. Due to STUPID laws in our state, we are at fault because we are the ones that hit him. It doesn’t matter that he admitted, in the police report, that he had been parked in the middle of this 45mph road, checking something in his truck! It doesn’t matter that it is technically his fault. There are no laws for accidents like this.

The only laws we have, all put us at fault because we hit him from behind!! No exceptions!

I can’t tell you how angry this makes me. It makes me angry that I am having to get up and out, to go sit in a courtroom for hours, while I’m in so much pain, just because law makers haven’t figured out that there should be exceptions to this stupid law. It makes me angry that even though the man that we hit admitted to being stopped in our path and watching us try to stop in time, yet did nothing to get out of the way, faces NO repercussions for his STUPID decision/actions. While we on the other hand are stuck with it all!

All we can do is pray and hope that the judge realizes how absurd and crazy all of this is too and does not give us some type of fine to pay!

How are the laws in your state?? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts and opinion??

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend