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So my splint was replaced by a hard cast, for my broken ankle, about 2 weeks ago. If you knew me, you would know that I am a worrier!! I worry about everything! So, an injury this severe and this serious is not very ideal for a person like me!

I have always been this way, for as long as I can remember, even as a little kid! Of course, since last September, when our daughter passed away, my anxiety and worrying has become a lot worse. I started taking medicines to help and I was just getting back to “normal” when we had this car accident.

Let me just say that my biggest fears in life are car wrecks and drowning somehow. After our daughter passed away and all of my emotions were at an all time high, I was TERRIFIED that my husband was going to die in a car wreck one morning on his way to work. I would sit waiting, every morning, for his text saying that he had made it to work okay. You’re probably thinking that I’m crazy, but after losing your baby, you do feel a little crazy! Losing her just pushed my emotions over the edge! But, like I said before, I was finally getting them under control and getting back to normal.

Then, on January 30, 2015, I decide to ride with my hubby to his work and drop him off so that I could keep the car for the day. The one morning that I decide to do this and we get in that horrible accident TEN MINUTES from our home!! I thank God that I was with him and that we are both alive, but I’m sure you can imagine how much this has all shaken my emotions right back up!

In two more days, it will be a month since the accident. This has been the longest 30 days of my life! I have never felt so much physical pain, fear, anxiety, frustration, anger and every other negative emotion that you never want to feel.

When you have 2 metal plates and 19 screws holding your ankle together and you are going to be stuck in a cast for 3 months so that your bone can grow back, you’re pretty damn scared of your ankle somehow re-breaking and feeling that agonizing pain that you felt when it happened. You are scared of every new feeling/sensation that you feel in your ankle or foot. You’re scared of the chance that you may never walk again! You are a nervous, scared, big mess! And that’s if you’re normal! Now double or triple those feelings, that’s me!

Well, like any person who finds out they have an illness or a broken bone, I turned to the internet to learn as much as I could about the type of break I have. I had been worrying since I got home from getting my hard cast, that the doctor set my ankle wrong before he put the cast on. It was very uncomfortable and I realized that my ankle was set at an angle instead of straight.

Well, during my research I came across an article that said, “If your ankle is set wrong, then your bone will heal wrong and it will have to be re-broken and you will have to start over with the healing process!”.  This little sentence sent me into a panic! Of course, I happened to read this in the middle of nasty winter weather. My doctor’s office was closed due to ice and snow. So, I was so worried that I called medical exchange. For those who don’t know, medical exchange is who you can call for urgent situations after hours or whenever your doctor’s office is closed. They page your doctor and the doctor on call gives you a call back.

My orthopedic doctor is an amazing surgeon, but is very rude! For a patient like me, who has a lot of questions and concerns, he is not a good doctor to turn to. But, I asked medical exchange to page him anyway!

He returned my call and I started to tell him why I was calling. All I got out was, ” My ankle is causing me a lot of pain and discomfort and I am wondering…”. He didn’t let me get another word out! He cut me off and pretty much said that there was nothing else he could do, so if I was trying to get him to call in extra pain medication, then I had called the wrong doctor because he didn’t care and wasn’t going to enable bad behavior. I needed to toughen up and he would see me at my next appointment. Then he just hung up!! I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that I had just been talked to and treated that way! That’s not even why I was calling, I had an actual concern!

So, I decided to call my family doctor. I’ve been seeing him for years and he knew that I had been in a wreck and what injury I had sustained. I had medical exchange page him. He called me back right away and I told him about my call to the orthopedic surgeon and what I was worried about. He explained to me that sometimes they have to set your ankle at an angle so that all of your tendons can heal the way they need to! He told me to come in and see him as soon as they reopened and he would take a look just to be sure and he went ahead and called a prescription in to the pharmacy for my anxiety and depression, because I was out of both but hadn’t been able to get in to see him yet. This is what I call an awesome doctor!

He took the 5 minutes that I needed and just listened to my concerns, calmed me down and reassured me that I was going to be okay and everything was just fine with my ankle! He realizes that I am NOT a doctor. I don’t deal with broken bones everyday, so I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not or what’s a good sign and a bad sign! I’ve never had a broken bone before. I’m just learning as I go. I am a person who needs to ask questions and receive answers! I need to be reassured and I need to know that my doctor actually listens and cares!

It took me years to find my family doctor! I kept getting doctors who were so used to people just trying to get drugs, so they didn’t take the time to listen to me and actually try to make me better! They just wrote prescriptions and told me to “TRY THIS.”! I was almost to the point of giving up and just living with all of my high-strung emotions. Then I found Dr.R! He took the time to run tests, listen, figure out what was wrong and what I needed and then he made sure that I was actually getting better! This world needs more doctors like him! Doctors who didn’t become doctors just for the money, but because they care and want to help people! Doctors who can pick out someone who just wants drugs and someone who really wants to get better!

I don’t know where I’d be today, after these traumas, if it wasn’t for Dr.R!

I went in to see him today, it’s SATURDAY! He was working to make up for the snow days and all of the patients that had to reschedule their appointments. I went in just so he could double check my cast. He looked at it and said he thought it was fine, but did an x ray anyways, just to be sure! Everything looked okay and seemed to be in the right position. It took about 10 minutes for my whole visit! I told him how thankful I was and how much I appreciated his time. I went to check out and the Lady told me that the doctor had written “No Charge” on my chart! He didn’t charge me any money at all for the visit and x ray!!

So, if you’re out there with a doctor who is rude, just doesn’t care enough or who you don’t feel comfortable with, keep looking! Don’t give up! There are still great doctors out there, you just have to find them in the sea of bad ones!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend