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As you already know if you’ve been following me, I broke my ankle pretty badly in a car accident and am now in a leg cast that covers everything above my toes and right below my knee!

One of the first thoughts I had once I arrived home from my 3 day hospital stay was, how in the world was I going to shower or bathe! Well, after a lot of research, the help of my wonderful hubby and trial and error, I’m going to give you a few tips and ideas, so maybe you won’t be as worried as I was! I’m a big worrier anyways though! 😉

1. If you have the extra money to do so, (we do not), you can go to a store like Walgreens and buy a shower chair or bench. This of course would probably be the easiest way, but not the cheapest! You can also buy a “cast cover”, which goes over your cast and seals to help prevent water from getting on or inside your cast!

2. You can use the method I chose. Place your leg inside of a trash bag. Use duct tape or sports tape to seal the bag onto your LEG, directly above your cast. You can also use a rubber band to seal the trash bag and then the bag would be reusable. I used the duct tape, it hurt coming off, but I felt safer using it rather than a rubber band. As I said, I’m a worrier!

3. You can also wrap your cast with the plastic wrap that’s used to cover or store food. If you use this method be sure and wrap a few times!

4. No matter what you choose to cover your cast with, you should NEVER try to submerge your cast in water because you never know how sealed and protected it really is. You should still try to keep it out of the water’s way as much as possible.

5. The first shower I took was difficult. I was nervous and scared because I wasn’t sure about what to do and I was afraid of injuring myself all over again. I broke my right ankle, so I have a cast on my right leg. This made it a little harder because the wall is on the right side of my bathtub. So, my hubby helped me sit on the edge of the tub and then slowly helped me lower myself down into the tub backwards (my back to the faucet), so that my injured leg could remain up on the edge of the tub. He held my leg up there and made sure that it didn’t slip while I washed as fast and as best as I could. No matter how you bathe or shower, you should make sure that you have someone helping you or close by so that they can hear you if you need help!

6. Another option is to use a big ice chest to sit on. Place it in the tub and it should be almost level with the edge of your tub, which should make it an easier maneuver from the edge to the ice chest. You can then prop your injured leg on the edge or let it hang over the side of the tub and take a shower sitting down!

7. You can also buy or use one that you already have, a plastic lawn chair. It should fit easily in most bath tubs and make it pretty easy for you to get in and out and shower! Just like a shower chair that you would pay more for! 😉

8. A tip for all of my ladys out there.. Do NOT attempt to shave your injured leg! That involves using water and no matter how careful you are trying to be, it would be very easy for water to end up on or inside your cast, ruining it! You and your significant other will just have to deal with it until you are cast free! I’ve got 2 more months to go!!

9. Showering will be SO much easier with a detachable shower head! I started out without one, but have recently invested in one and I can promise that it is worth the money! It will make things a little easier on you!
One similar to this. I bought the cheapest one I could find at my local Walmart!

10. (Added on 03/11/15). Okay ladies, I know I said DO NOT try to shave your casted leg, but I know some of you will ignore that advice and try it anyway. So, I tried some things and found the safest way to shave the part of your leg above your cast.
You need to lay down flat on a bed or couch and prop your injured leg up far enough so that any water will roll towards your upper body and not downward! Lay on a towel or something because water will drip. Tuck a thin wash rag or the edge of a thin shirt into and around the top opening of your cast, just in case! It is easiest to have someone shave it for you, I had my husband do it. We got a wet wash rag, rung out, a razor, a dry rag or towel, shaving cream and a small cup or bowl of warm water.
Wet your leg with the rung out wash rag so that your not soaking the area, just getting it wet enough. Apply thin layer of shaving cream. Shave area. Use the cup or bowl of water to dip/rinse the razor in. When finished, use the rung out rag to wipe off remaining shaving cream. Finally, dry with rag or towel! IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS, BE VERY CAREFUL! YOU DO NOT WANT WATER IN OR ON YOUR CAST!! THIS WAS MY PERSONAL CHOICE, NOT SOMETHING I AM ADVISING YOU TO DO!

I’ll continue to add to the list as I figure out new and easier ways! For tips and ideas on surviving life in a leg cast, check out my other post here !

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend