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Sorry if I’m boring my followers to death, but join my club! I’m going crazy not being allowed to really do anything! Writing about it gives me a little escape.

I am updating everyone on my injury/healing/journey mostly for my own sanity! It gives me something to do to pass the time, even if it is just 5-10 minutes everyday! And I’m also writing about it because I know that it brings me a little comfort reading other stories that people with similar injuries have written about! So, if you ever break your leg, ankle or foot, you’ll remember to come back here!

So, let’s start with the fact that I live in Arkansas. Sunday-Tuesday we got hit by a LOT of sleet/ice. I happened to run out of my pain medication Sunday night. So, by Monday morning I was in so much pain and knew that I had to get a hold of my doctor somehow. (The office was closed due to weather) I finally figured out how to reach him, I’ll put information on how to reach your doctor when the office is closed in another post called TIPS, and he says that because of new federal laws on pain medication, he can’t call anything into the pharmacy. I would have to pick up and hand deliver the written prescription. Well, that wasn’t possible because his office was closed for the day! What did he expect me to do?

Let me just say, if I haven’t already previously said it, he is an amazing surgeon but has a horrible bedside manner and is just rude. He told me I needed to just tough it out!! Let me remind y’all that I SHATTERED my ankle. Broke all 3 bones in the ankle, then in my ankle and foot I damaged nerves and tore up muscles and tendons. There isn’t any just sticking it out. The pain will drive you nuts, at least it will if you are like me and aren’t good with physical pain. I have 19 screws and 2 metal plates drilled into my ankle to hold everything together.

So, I found out how to get ahold of my primary care doctor (my family doctor) and told him what was going on. By this point I was pretty much having a break down! The amazing and caring doctor that he is took the time, on his day off, to try and calm me down and then he called me in a new dosage of my anxiety medicine, some muscle relaxers and told me to come see him in a week and we will go from there! He wasn’t allowed to call in pain medication due to the new laws either, but he figured out what he could call in by phone that would help me and he got it done!

Every doctor should care that much! I’m the patient that has anxiety and needs to be reassured that everything is okay and going the way it’s supposed to be going. If you can’t handle patients like me then maybe you should perform surgery ONLY and not interact with patients.

My belief is that I know my body better than any doctor does because I’m the only one who knows what I’m feeling. So, if I’m telling you that I’m in pain or that I think something is wrong, listen to me and just check out my concerns! That’s the problem with some doctors, including my surgeon, they don’t care enough to stop for 1 minute and check on whatever your worried about.

My mother works for a doctor’s office, so I know how busy the doctors are, but I also know that they have a few minutes in between patients to answer your question or to give the nurse an answer and have her tell you!

To keep following my journey, check out my “BROKEN ANKLE” category!

I will be posting about my life along the way and also posting little tips I’ve learned that help so much when your stuck in a bed for weeks or months!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend