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Well, I haven’t written in a while because life got busy, but now it is at a total stand still!

Friday, January 30, 2015 was another day that has changed my life forever.

It started out as any other morning. I decided that I needed the car for the day, so I would ride with hubby to work and drop him off. We live out of city limits, so there are a lot of straight shot, high speed roads. It was about 7:30 am and we were driving down one of those roads at about 48 mph. (Speed limit is 45mph) If you work or get out that early in the morning, then you know how blinding the sun can sometimes be.

All of a sudden I look up and see a truck PARKED in the middle of this road. No break lights, no turning signal, just stopped! My hubby isn’t slowing down and I realize that he can’t see the truck. (I barely could) I yell, “Stop! There’s a truck stopped there!”. It was too late. We only had about 10 feet to slow down, police measured our skid marks, and that wasn’t enough time. I knew it was coming, my worst fear. All I could do was duck and brace.

It was like everything happened in slow motion. I ducked down and as an instinct, stuck my foot up for the brace, as if I was falling and my body just reacted. The whole front of the car came in on us, then the air bags came and hit us hard. There was smoke everywhere and a horrible smell. I could hear myself screaming and my hubby asking what was hurt. I finally came to the realization that the pain was coming from my ankle, which I happened to be holding up. The left side was going one way, while the right side was going the other and I could see the bones trying to come through the skin.

A man stopped and called 911 and a nurse happened to be driving by. She stopped, stabilized my foot as much as possible and tried to calm me until help arrived. Hubby and I were both in shock. He just kept telling me the ambulance was coming and that he was okay. I could hear myself screaming in pain, asking why the man was parked in the road, if the car was going to catch fire while I was still in it and why the ambulance was taking so long. They only took 5 minutes, but it felt like forever to me.

They got me on a stretcher and into the ambulance. They cut off my shoe and tried to calm me down while they put it in a stabilizing splint. The bad thing about me is that I have TINY veins, a high tolerance for pain medication and NO tolerance for pain. None of the EMTs could get an I.V. into my veins for pain meds, so all they could give me was some type that you inhale like a nose spray. Did not help AT ALL! I thought I was going to die or pass out from the pain, I prayed I would pass out from the pain!

After the police got my hubby’s statement, he got in the ambulance with me and we were ready to go. Of course, I wanted to get to the nearest hospital, but the nearest one wasn’t prepared for an injury like mine, so we had a 15 minute ride to the next hospital.

They got me into the room and a doctor finally got an I.V. started and so I started to calm down a LITTLE. I calmed down enough to realize that hubby wasn’t in my room. Turns out he had a fractured kneecap, but was too worried about me and full of adrenaline that he didn’t feel it until we got there. Thankfully, he only needed a knee brace and to come back in a week. But I had completely SHATTERED my ankle. I had a Pilon Fracture. That means I broke all the bones that make up the ankle, including the bottom part of my shin. I also damaged the muscles and tendons.

So, first I was put to sleep so that they could realign my bones. That was done around 9am and then it was set in a splint. I still needed surgery, but after xrays, the doctor realized he didn’t have the parts needed to fix my ankle. Finally at 5:30pm the parts arrived and I was taken into surgery. It took two metal plates and 19 screws to put it all back together. It was a 5 hour surgery!

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and then was sent home, where I am now. There is no possible way to put the pain into words for you. I am in a temporary cast, can not move my toes, have shooting pains, can feel the metal and am scared out of my mind.

I can’t sleep or eat. I just cry a lot because that’s all I can do! I go back to see the surgeon this Thursday, January 12. Hopefully everything will look like it is healing and I will get this heavy cast off and have a lighter, more permanent one put on. From there it is expected that I will wear that one for at least 3 months and then hopefully start physical therapy to reteach my ankle how to work.

This is and is going to be a long, hard and painful journey. I don’t know if I’ll ever walk on it again, if I’ll be able to ever move my toes, or if it will ever be anywhere near normal again. I have been told that it will never be like it was before, but that they will do their best to make sure I walk again. Do you know how scary that is?

I am going to continue to write about my journey as it happens and hopefully it will have a happy ending.

Please keep me in your prayers!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend