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I have been watching this TV show called Child Genesis on Lifetime. It is a competition between a bunch of extremely smart kids and it is pretty amazing! But, some of the parents make me upset!

There is one young boy on the show that is very smart and happened to win and advance to the next round on this episode, yet his mother states that she will have to wait and see if she is proud of him or not! I was shocked to say the least!

Through the entire episode she keeps telling the boy that he can do better, but never says how great he did or congratulates him. She just keeps on pushing and pushing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that parents should push their kids to a certain point, but a kid should also get to just be a kid! A child should ENJOY their life and be told when they are doing something good, just like when they are doing something wrong!!

After he wins, they are all sitting together as a family and you can clearly see that the boy is happy and proud of how he has done and once again the mother knocks it away by saying that he will just have to be better because the other kids are strong! The child says that he should get to relax and she keeps on pushing.

My opinion is that she is slowly but surely ruining her relationship with her child. As his mother, she should be his biggest fan and supporter! She should be telling him how proud she is and how awesome he did. He is seeing all of the parents around him, comforting their children and telling their children how great they did, while he is listening to his mother say that she can’t be proud of him yet!

It breaks my heart and I hope that she realizes how special her role as a mother is VERY soon. I pray that she apologizes and starts to become his biggest fan and supporter. Every child deserves to have that from their parents. It is our job!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend