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This Sunday TLC will be showing a one hour special, called “My Husband Is Not Gay”, about Mormon men who are attracted to other men, but say that they are not gay.

They call it SSA, same sex attraction and say that is all that it is. This is causing MAJOR controversy and it hasn’t even aired yet!

People who are a part of the LGBT community are upset and saying that it is an irresponsible move by TLC and that it will be portraying that being gay is a choice and it is not a choice.

TLC apparently disagrees. They released a statement saying that the one hour special only represents the people on it and their lives and opinions.

My personal opinion is that you can be whoever you want and love whoever you want and I don’t have an issue with it all. I do NOT like seeing people put people of the gay community down or treat them like they are less of a person. But, I AM interested in seeing this one hour special.

I am not sure if being gay is a choice or if you are born that way because I am not personally gay, but either way it is fine with me and I believe that people should be accepted the way that they are!

My question to you is, what do you think about this one hour special and do you believe that these men on the show can be attracted to other men and not be gay??

Personally, I have no idea! As a woman, I see other women and may think one is beautiful but I am not SEXUALLY attracted to women. I am not really sure what these men mean by same sex attraction, but I would assume they mean sexually. So, what are your thoughts??

Do you believe that they are straight like they claim to be?

Do you think it is disrespectful in some way to the LGBT community?

Are you going to tune in and watch the show??

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend