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I make this all the time and it is definitely a family favorite in our house! It is SUPER easy to make, cheap and doesn’t take too much time! This recipe will feed about 4-6 people!!

You Will Need:
1 pound of hamburger meat
1 bag of tater tots (we use the round ones)
(2) 10 oz cans of Cream Of Chicken
1 package of cheese slices (the kind you put on a sandwich, I usually by the pack of 16 slices)
1 cup diced onion (optional)

1. Brown hamburger meat in skillet.
2. In large bowl or in skillet, mix both cans of Cream of Chicken and meat until well blended.
3. If you choose to use onion, cover the bottom of pan with the diced onion. If not, skip to next step.
4. Spread meat mixture evenly throughout pan. Press down slightly to make room for tater tots.
5. Cover entire dish with tater tots. I personally use as many as possible and leave no space in between, but you can use less if you like.
6. Cover entire dish with cheese slices. Leave no space in between. You may have to cut cheese slices to fit around edges of pan.
7. Follow the directions on the bag of tater tots to cook dish. Use that recommended temperature and amount of time. Temperatures and times vary based on type and brand of tater tots!
8. Eat & Enjoy! Store leftovers in fridge!

It tastes pretty good warmed up the next day too!!

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend