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I don’t know about you, but when I think back to my childhood and compare it to kids these days, it is WAY different!

I remember doing all of the things that kids should do! I was up and outside as soon as I was awake and dressed. I was outside with a bowl and spoon, digging in the mud/dirt and making mud pies or other “food”! I didn’t text my friends, I ran down to their house and knocked on the door and asked if they could come out and play!!

We rode our bikes all over the neighborhood, had races and pretended that they were cars! We put smooshed coke cans on our back bike tire, so that it sounded like a motorcycle as we peddled! We saved up our change all week long just so we could ride our bikes to the corner store to buy little $0.25 candies!

We played in the water hose and sprinkler, not at a water park everyday! We used dish soap and the water hose to make the trampoline slippery, that was our waterslide!

If it was raining, we played outside in the rain! If it was storming and we weren’t allowed to go out, we didn’t lock ourselves away and get on our iPads or tablets, we made up games! We jumped from couch to couch and pretended that the floor was lava! We played card game after card game! We used our little boom box to sing along as loud as we could to our favorite songs!

We drank sodas, ate candy and sugary foods, ate McDonalds, and did things that are considered dangerous now days. But GUESS WHAT?? We are all still alive and we have wonderful childhood memories!

We weren’t overweight and unhealthy because we spent our days outside running around with our friends and playing! We ran, got covered in dirt and played our hearts out until those street lights came on and it was time to go home!

We knew real fun and joy!

It makes me so sad to see kids today that do nothing but sit on their tablets or videogames! They are missing out on all of the wonderful memories that children should have. They are missing out on socializing with other children. They are missing out on learning that sometimes you win, but sometimes you lose. They are missing out on learning the value of a dollar, by earning it through the week and the joy of getting to spend it on whatever they like because they earned it! All of these videogames and things aren’t teaching our children how to deal with things in the real world, how to work out problems with their friends or how to use their imaginations to invent their own game or whatever else! They are missing out on so many chances!

My son has a kid’s version of a tablet, but he is only allowed on it for a certain amount of time and what he does on it is restricted and monitored for his age. My son spends his days just how I spent mine, outside playing with friends and making memories! My son enjoys being outside! Most of the time, he gives up his tablet time for more time outside because he has realized which is actually more fun! He is on sports teams also!

It makes me so sad to see my son around his cousin who is two months older than him. His cousin does not like playing outside or doing anything other than playing his video games on his iPad. He is not made to do or try anything else! Which makes me sad because if you don’t make your child try new things, how will they ever know if they like something or not?? His cousin crys every time they are playing a game together and he loses because he is used to playing alone and winning his video games. He does not understand that he can’t always win or always have his way. He does not know how to socialize with other children. He does poorly in school and around other children. It breaks my heart for him that he hasn’t been given the chance to see what it is like to spend the day outside playing or playing on a sports team with other children.

Yes, technology is a wonderful thing and can be very helpful and informative, but with young children it should be regulated! Parents are too busy these days to take the time to spend the day at the park with their child and instead they stick them in front of the TV or hand them a phone or tablet. THIS IS WRONG!

Don’t you cherish all of those memories from your childhood of being with your friends? Don’t you want your child to look back and have those same types of memories??

I am not bashing anyone’s parenting skills because I know I would hate for someone to do that to me, but I just want to make parents THINK!

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this VERY debated topic!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend