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I am always watching and reading up on news around the world and today I came across this story and it just ABSOLUTELY breaks my heart!

USA Today just reported this story and that is where I will be taking my details and information from.

Apparently little 3 week old, Eliza Delacruz, was first reported missing Saturday evening. Police received a call to a Long Beach, California residence, where they found the baby’s mother, father and uncle with gun shot wounds!

On Sunday police were called to investigate remains found in a dumpster in San Diego County. Those remains were later identified as those of baby Eliza by the San Diego County Coroner’s Office.

While the story does not say which, two of the adult victims were still in the hospital in critical but stable condition, while the third victim was treated and released.

While there was no immediate word on little Eliza’s cause of death, police say that they are seeking a man as a suspect. They have not stated if this man had any relation to Eliza or the adult victims. Police do say that though his motives are unknown at this point, they do NOT believe that this was a random attack!

I know what it is like to lose a baby, not in this way, but the same pain and tragic applies. I pray this family somehow finds peace amongst all of this life changing devastation! My heart breaks for them and their family.

I have never understood how there can be people in this world that are so heartless and cruel. I hope and pray, for this family’s sake and for baby Eliza’s sake that justice is served!

Thanks For Reading!

-Wife & Mother & Friend