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Okay, so if you follow my blog then you know that I write about a lot of different topics. A lot of those topics have to do with relationships, not mine personally, but relationships of friends or people I know that have come to me for advice.

Today’s topic is on a relationship and I must warn you that it is a VERY sexual topic and I will be VERY explicit! So, if you are not comfortable with this, I strongly suggest that you stop reading NOW! Otherwise, please continue!

For this relationship, we will call the wife Samantha and the husband Justin. For a little background, Samantha and Justin have been married for four years now. They are happily married according to Samantha and they are currently trying to have their first child.

Usually when people come to me for advice, I have pretty good advice to offer them, but this time I was a little stumped. With Samantha’s permission, I am sharing their story with all of my readers for your insight on the issue. Of course for their privacy, I have changed their names.

So, like most women, Samantha decides to snoop through Justin’s phone one night while he is in the shower. Now, she isn’t so sure that she should have done that because she is left with a lot of questions and uncertainty!

Samantha is not a stupid woman. She knows that her husband, like most men, watches porn on occasion. She has no problem with him watching porn because she is confident in herself and their relationship. Or she was..

On this night, Samantha decided to go through Justin’s browser history on his phone. She stumbles upon porn sites that he has been on and just out of curiosity, she decides to click on the link to see what exactly he was watching.

When the video loads, she is shocked, to say the least! The video is of a man preforming oral sex on a shemale and then the man is penetrated by the shemale.

For those who do not know what that means, I will explain. A shemale is a “woman” with breasts and a woman’s body, but she has a penis.

In this video, the man is giving the shemale oral sex while groping “her” breasts. But, instead of the man penetrating “her”, “she” penetrates the man.

Now, according to Samantha, they have a pretty healthy sex life and always have. Like I said before, they are currently trying to have a baby! Her question to me, that I was unable to answer, was,”Does this mean he is gay?”.

I am not a judgemental person. I have gay and straight friends and so do they. But, she would rather not turn to them for advice because she does not want her business out in her personal circle. This is why we have turned to you!

Does it make Justin gay because he enjoys shemale porn? Is it just a fetish? Is he just using Samantha to keep everyone from suspecting that he is gay? Is he bisexual?

I do not have the answers for her that she so desperately seeks.

Can a man enjoy this type of porn and be completely straight? He has watched NO gay porn, only shemale porn.

Comments are welcome! Advice is welcome! Debate is welcome! Help me to help her.