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Men are very interesting. That’s the best word that I can come up with.

Men are sweet, but only when they want to be.
Men are caring, but only when they want to be.
Men are loving, when they want to be.
Men make women angry!

Tell me what you would do if this happened to you.

Carla gets all dolled up and sexy for her man one night. She does all of the things that her man likes, trying to turn him on. She has never turned her man down when he wants to have sex, even if she isn’t in the mood.

It’s the weekend and Matt has had a few beers, but he certainly isn’t drunk. Carla comes on to Matt and tells him she wants to have sex. In their yearS long relationship, this is the first time that Carla has made the first move because she’s a pretty shy person and has always been afraid of being turned down.

Matt TURNS CARLA DOWN!!!! He says that he is just too tired, but he promises to make it up to her the next day.

Carla feels embarrassed, stupid and let down. She is upset, but decides to let it go and just wait until the next day.

The next day is going along fine. They have had a pretty good day together, lounging around and watching their favorite movies. All the while, Carla is waiting for him to keep his promise.

Before she knows it, it’s time to go to bed. She puts on her sexiest pajamas and climbs in bed, with her back to his side of the bed, waiting for him to get in.

Matt climbs in the bed and reaches over to kiss Carla on her back. She gets excited and thinks it’s time. Matt tells her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and that he loves her so much. This puts a smile on Carla’s face!

Then he rolls over, gets on his phone, pulls up a porn website and MASTURBATES, right beside her in the bed!! Then goes right to sleep!!!!

The next day when Carla is mad, he seems to have no idea why! STUPID!!

What would you have done??

I would also love to hear from another man about this and what your thoughts are!