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You think about it every time things get rough.
You give all you can give, but will it ever be enough?

You have asked yourself this a thousand times.
You even pray about it, asking God for a sign!

You feel in your heart that you should be with him forever.
You don’t want to imagine a life where y’all are not together.

Yet time and time again, you find yourself in tears.
And no matter how hard you try, you can’t let go of your fears!

The fear that he won’t ever change.
Despite your efforts, things stay the same.

All of those promises that he can’t seem to keep.
But no matter what he does, you know you can’t leave!

Because your love is still stronger than your pain.
So, through the years, by his side you remain.

You hope that one day he will realize his wrongs.
But, you’ve prayed for that day for so very long!

You know you should stop him, not let him put you down,
But you can tell him anything and it’s like he hasn’t heard a sound.

So you sit in silence as your heart breaks,
And you wonder just how much more you can take.

Everyone says that love shouldn’t be this way.
But you say that love is what makes you stay!