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We all have that one childhood friend. The one that we have a million memories with. A million inside jokes. A million stories that we can tell over and over and never get tired of them! That friend that knows everything there is to know about your family, your life and just everything about you. They know every dirty little secret, every fear, every high and low that you have ever been through. They know everything about you that there is to know.

For this post, we will call that friend of mine, SHMEG. (Lol)

Shmeg and I had that type of friendship that everyone wishes for! We were never apart, shared everything, and we were a package deal.

Of course, like any friendship, we had our ups and downs, but no matter what we always ended up right back together. We were more like sisters, not just friends. Her family was my family, her house was my house, her things were my things and vice versa!

We had that type of friendship where we hit it off from the very beginning. I can still remember the day we first met each other.
I had on a pair of jeans and she said, “Hey I have those same jeans!”
I looked down at the shoes she was wearing and I said, ” Oh my gosh, I have those shoes!”

From that moment on, you couldn’t keep us apart! As the years went on and we got older, our friendship only became stronger and deeper, which says a lot! Most friendships, especially when it comes to us girls, do NOT last very long. There are very few women who are still best friends with their childhood best friend, which only makes me cherish our friendship more!

I can’t even begin to explain all of the things we have been through, but I can say that there are a lot of moments in my life where I may have given up if it weren’t for her and her love and support!

It is so hard to find someone who can see you during your absolute worst times in life and stand by you instead of doing what is easy and walking away.

It is even harder to find a friend who will never betray you, who will never let you down, who will never let you go through things alone, whether they be good or bad things, but most of all, it is hard to find a friend who is loyal to you, truly understands you, loves you unconditionally and a friend who will always be TRUE to you!

I thank God that I was lucky enough to find a friend like Shmeg! I don’t know how I would have made it through most of my teenage years without her by my side, facing everything with me.

We are now both grown adults, with our own families, yet she is still there at the drop of a hat if I need her to be. She is the most amazing, loyal, trustworthy and loving best friend that a girl could ever hope for!

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that her love for me is unconditional and that she will still be there for years to come! I can only hope to be half as good of a friend to her as she is to me!

Every girl and woman deserves to have a friend like Shmeg! And every girl and woman, including myself, should strive to be a friend like Shmeg, because she has shown me what true friendship is all about!