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Her whole world revolves around that man.
She has no friends, because he says they are wrong for her.
She spends more time with his family than she does with her own, because even though he doesn’t say the words out loud, his family is more important.
In the beginning, she thinks he is that man. The one who is perfect for her. The one she will marry one day!
As time goes on, she realizes that he is not “that man” that she first thought he was.
He slowly isolates her from everyone and everything.
He slowly starts to treat her badly. Call her nasty names, then say he is sorry. Hit her, then say he was just playing, they are playful hits.
She knows these are lies.
He slowly makes sure that she is completely dependent on him. His home. His car. His money. His friends. His family.
Until one day she realizes that everything of “theirs” is actually all his and his only!
She finally finds the courage to point things out. He pretends to be that guy. The guy who just wants what is best for her. The guy who only wants to take care of her.
She knows that with every day that passes, he only becomes worse. But, she also knows that she is stuck. In too deep!
She realizes that he is actually THAT GUY! The guy your mother warned you about. The guy that is controlling. The guy that tears you away from everyone and everything so that you only have him. So that he knows he can treat you however he wants because you have nobody else to turn to and nowhere else to go.
He is that guy that you always heard about. The guy you swore you would leave in a heartbeat!
He is that guy that is your worst nightmare. That nightmare that you can’t wake up from, no matter how hard you try!
Yes, he is that guy. And now she realizes he has won, because that guy is now her whole life.
She blames herself, because how could she have been so stupid. How did she not see it?

He is that guy. That guy that will one day escalate to beating her.
And she is that girl. That girl that will end up doing nothing when he beats her. That girl that will stay anyways, because she thinks she has no other choice!

Speak out on domestic violence! It does NOT matter what kind of abuse it is. Verbal escalates into physical. Physical escalates into murder.

If you know someone who is a victim of domestic abuse, DO SOMETHING! If you just stand by, you are just as guilty as the abuser!