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So, my fiance and I have been together about 3 years now. He is such an amazing man and I couldn’t love him anymore, but that doesn’t mean he is perfect or that our relationship is perfect. I see all of these women on social media constantly complaining about not having a man, but once they have a man, it usually doesn’t last very long and every status is about some fight they had or something the man has done. Then when the relationship fails for whatever reason, cheating, lies, no trust, fights, etc., they can’t seem to figure out how it could have went so wrong! I always get questions about how we have made our relationship work, how we have stayed so happy, why we never fight, how I found a good one and they can’t and I’m ready to give some answers! First of all, we DO fight! But, neither of us are going to go post our problems all over social media, that’s our business and nobody else’s! If you are constantly airing your business to everyone, then everyone is going to end up in your business. You are just inviting other women into the picture and telling them that things are rocky, so they have the chance to talk to your man or vice versa, a man comes to comfort you and you make the mistake of cheating. That’s only adding to the problems and going to cause more fights! Next, there has to be respect! I see some of these same women try to go in and control every little thing in the relationship, always have to be right, have to have the last word and they will fight till the death just to make sure they win every fight. This is so crazy and immature to me. They wouldn’t stay with a man who acted that way, so why expect a man to stay and be treated that way? If you ever want to have a happy and lasting relationship, you have to respect your man and get the same respect in return. Every man wants to feel like a man and if you take that away from him, he will end up resenting you and being unhappy! My relationship has lasted and we are still happy and in love because we have kept our business to ourselves, we respect one another, we have faith and trust in each other, we each admit when we are wrong, and we have learned to give and take, we have taken the time to learn each other’s wants and needs and how to fulfil them and most of all, we have learned that if you want something to last, you have to work at and not give up even when times gets hard! I really hope that every woman gets the chance to find her one and only because it is the best feeling in the world, but it won’t come easy acting that way!